Is Rebecca Henderson Paulk The Victim Of Foul Play?

Authorities are looking for Rebecca Henderson Paulk. The 26-year-old Alabama woman was last seen by her loved ones in the home of her parents on Labor Day, but she has not been seen since. To make matters worse, her vehicle has recently been discovered in a wooded area in Whynot Community, Mississippi -- leading her loved ones to fear the worst. The Daily Mail reports that her loved ones are offering a reward in the amount of $5,000 in hopes of finding what may have happened to her.

Rebecca's family told authorities that she never goes a day without speaking to them. Now it's been more than a week, and they have not heard from her since last seeing her on Labor Day. The 26-year-old Alabama woman's mother has expressed uncertainty regarding whether or not she's alive. Her mother Janet expressed that their family is living in a nightmare.

"I want her to be alive but this not knowing is unbearable."

The Natchez Democrat reports that Lauderdale County, Mississippi, authorities found Rebecca Henderson Paulk's car abandoned in a ditch on September 8, approximately a day after she was last seen. Her car, a white 2006 Honda Civic, contained various personal items that a person would normally not abandon -- her purse, medicine, an iPad, and a laptop. However, her mobile phone was not located in the vehicle. It remains missing, along with the Alabama woman.

The Henderson family is desperately seeking their daughter while waiting for any confirmation that she is safe and alive, but with a week passed in her disappearance it's hard to say what could have happened to her. Authorities haven't expressly confirmed any signs of foul play, but the fact that her car was abandoned with her personal belongings does not send a positive message. Could this missing woman be the victim of foul play, or could there be other reasons behind this mysterious disappearance? It should be noted that there haven't been any reported disappearances of similar nature in this area for many years, if at all.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Rebecca Henderson Paulk, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. Any tip or information could lead to the missing woman's whereabouts, bringing closure or at least some kind of answers to her family. The number for the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department is (334) 654-7055. In the meantime, a vigil is planned in the town of Demopolis, Alabama, to honor the 26-year-old missing woman.

[Photo: Henderson Family via Facebook]