Snooki Reveals She’s Having a Boy

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is pregnant, and has revealed the sex of her baby. It turns out, Snooki and fiancé Jionni LaValle are expecting a baby boy, confirmed on Snooki’s Facebook page.

“Can finally share the good news……we’re havin’ a BOY,” Snooki said in the post.

“Everyone said I was going to have a boy, and they were right!” Snooki told InTouch, admitting that she was a bit crestfallen that she wasn’t having a girl. Several weeks ago, Snooki was spotted shopping for baby products (of the pink variety) leading to some speculation that she was expecting a girl, but the recent news relegates that shopping spree to “simply browsing”. Despite her unfulfilled expectations, Snooki is still very excited to be having a little boy, and is planning on naming him either Lorenzo or Jionni Jr. after her fiancé, Jionni.

Twitter has allowed Snooki’s fans to follow the reality star’s journey into motherhood moment by moment. “Ah I can’t wait to see my little one whose either going to be a dedicated cheerleader like mommy or a strong wrestler like daddy,” she tweeted on April 2. “I got swagger with my pregnant self,” she tweeted in March, along with a picture of her cleavage.

Snooki’s pregnancy won’t affect her stint on Jersey Shore either – at least not much. Though she will still be on the show, she won’t be living at the Seaside Heights house, rather living in a smaller abode nearby.