Kansas TV Station Stabbing: Man Breaks Into Topeka’s WIBW News Station, Stabs 2 Employees [Video]

Authorities in Topeka, KS have confirmed that two salesmen at a local TV station were injured on Wednesday when a disgruntled man wielding a knife broke into the facility and stabbed the employees.

According to WIBW-TV in Topeka, the assailant, identified as a homeless veteran named Ray Miles, was eventually tackled and held down by eight employees until police arrived.

Police spokeswoman Kristen Veverka told The Associated Press that the stabbing incident happened after Miles spoke to WIBW’s news director on a lobby phone, saying the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was mishandling his case.

When the director explained that Miles needed to take up his issue with the VA and not WIBW-TV, he left, only to return 10 minutes later, throw a lamp through the glass front doors and run through the news station’s hallways.

“A few moments later several employees tackled the man near an east exit of the building,” the station reported.

KWQC writes that during the tussle, Mr. Miles pulled a knife and stabbed Sales Manager Roger Brokke in the leg and also cut sales associate Greg Palmer in the leg.

Brokke was also bitten on the ear by the man, the report said.

Following the incident, Ray Miles and the two men he is accused of stabbing were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Fox News reports that their injuries were not considered serious.

Surveillance video footage of the the 2012 WIBW-TV news station stabbing can be seen below: