Mia Khalifa's Instagram Account Hacked: Possible 'Bigg Boss 9' Contestant Targeted

Chanel Adams

Mia Khalifa usually makes headlines every time she posts controversial comments on Twitter. Now it looks like the Lebanese adult film star is making headlines for her Instagram account. Mia's Instagram included some controversial posts, although they didn't come from her this time around.

Mia Khalifa currently has 2.2 million Instagram followers. It appears Khalifa was hacked on the popular photo-sharing app since four strange posts included a Saudi Arabian flag, an Islamic symbol, and spam advertisements. Some of Khalifa's fans think that the group of hackers were Saudi Arabian because of the posts that were in question. It's not the same group of hackers who posted softcore images of Kim Kardashian and Mia Khalifa on the University of NSW's Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Mia took to her controversial Twitter account to ask her fans for help with getting back into her Instagram account.

— Mia Khalifa (@miakhalifa) September 14, 2015

— Mia Khalifa (@miakhalifa) September 14, 2015

Mia Khalifa has been making headlines since she's been approached by the producers of Bigg Boss to appear in the newest season of the Indian reality show. She could quickly replace Sunny Leone, who left the adult film industry to become a mainstream actor. Khalifa is already one of the most popular adult film stars on Pornhub. Several sources told DNA India that Khalifa is a likely candidate for Bigg Boss 9.

"The channels have approached a lot of people this time. Mia is one of them. Talks are on with her and she has shown interest."

But does that mean that Mia Khalifa is going to join the Season 9 cast of Bigg Boss? Khalifa has not yet confirmed nor denied the casting rumors on social media.

According to the show's insiders, "The modalities need to be worked out first."

If the rumors are true, then Mia will be the second adult film star to join the reality show, after Sunny Leone on Season 5. However, she will be the most controversial person to join the cast. Mia has already created controversy when she angered Lebanese and Muslims for appearing in adult films.

Khalifa is quite familiar with controversy. It's how she started her career. She's been credited for creating the controversial genre, which is now described as "hijab porn." Khalifa was attacked on social media for her adult videos, which show her wearing a hijab. In an interview with the Washington Post, she was quoted saying that her adult videos were satirical in nature.

"There are Hollywood movies that depict Muslims in a much worse manner than any scene Bang Bros could produce."

Mia has received death threats and has been judged for her adult film career, according to a Daily Mail report. In addition, her parents have stopped speaking to her, and she because of this, she felt some regrets.

"I feel guilty for dragging them into this and having all their friends know now that it's on Lebanese media. But that was never my intention."

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