Ramona Singer On Josh Taekman: ‘People Do Stupid Things… Look What My Ex Did’

Ramona Singer is starting to find herself after her husband’s betrayal. On a previous season of The Real Housewives of New York, Singer learned that her husband had been cheating on her. Singer wasn’t sure how long the affair had taken place, but there were rumors that he had cheated for a long time, and hints of an affair surfaced several years ago on the show. These days, Ramona has moved on, and she is feeling better about herself.

Of course, Ramona Singer is not the only person dealing with an affair. Kristen Taekman’s husband, Josh Taekman, was caught up in the recent Ashley Madison leak. His name surfaced, and he claimed that he had just signed up as a joke with his friends. As it turns out, he had spent over $1,000 on the website — on more than 62 transactions.

According to a new People report, Ramona Singer is now speaking out about the betrayal once again. Ramona has previously said that it was a mistake on Josh’s part but that she is convinced that Kristen will be just fine. Now, Singer is revealing that his actions didn’t shock her, mostly because of what she has been through herself.

“I don’t know, people do stupid things,” Ramona Singer revealed when asked by Andy Cohen, adding, “I’m not shocked about anything. I mean, look what my ex did.”

Of course, Josh did release an apology to the press, saying that he was foolish for signing up to the website in the first place. The website is one that facilitates extramarital affairs, but he denied he actually cheated. While Kristen may have believed him, she is embarrassed about his actions, and Ramona Singer can probably understand why.

“The two are doing great and the marriage is fine,” Kristen’s rep revealed after the scandal surfaced.

But a betrayal can take a long time to recover from. As Singer explains, she doesn’t recognize her husband today. The two had been married for 22 years, and he had cheated on Ramona with a woman named Kasey Dexter.

“I don’t recognize who he is today,” Singer told People back in July, adding, “He’s not the man that he was two years ago. He completely changed.”

Ramona Singer points out that she ended things with her husband last summer, when she realized that he wouldn’t change. He wasn’t in it to fix it, so she decided to leave him behind. Singer has claimed that he has tried to get her back, but it is too late.

What do you think of Ramona Singer’s comments about Kristen’s marriage?

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