Dylan Redwine Update: More Items Of Interest Found In Search

The Dylan Redwine case has some new activity, bringing his family closer to the justice that they seek. NBC News 9 reports that more items of interest have been found in a recent search for clues in the slain teen’s case. Will these new discoveries lead to the arrest of a suspect?

La Plata County authorities have confirmed that new items have been discovered in a search of the Middle Mountain Area — which included more than 40 people from various law enforcement agencies. While the items have not been identified in the media, authorities have declared that they will be analyzed to determine any possible connection to Redwine’s homicide.

The last time items of interest were found, they turned out to be the partial remains of Dylan Redwine, who — at the time — had been missing for several months. That was more than two years ago. The remains were not complete, however, and parts of the slain teen remain missing. This has been a detail that Mark Redwine — Dylan’s father — has cited to declare his innocence in the boy’s disappearance and death. He has cited numerous times that his son is “still missing.” Seven months ago the slain teen’s father called into the Case to Case podcast and said that until his son is found (in entirety), nobody could know what happened to him.

Dylan Redwine vanished in 2012 while on a court-ordered visit with his father during the Thanksgiving holiday. He never made it to the holiday, however, for he was reported missing the very next day after arriving to his father’s home. Over the course of nearly four years, his mother — and the public in general — have expressed suspicion against Mark Redwine.


The father of Dylan Redwine is now considered a person of interest in his disappearance and death. In fact, he is the only person of interest in this case — to no surprise for numerous people across America. In fact, the latest discovery of “items of interest,” comes on the heels of reports confirming that Mark Redwine is the person of interest in this case. Westword reports that Redwine had speculated publicly that he was a person of interest in 2012, and he’s been proven right.

Do you think the latest discovery will prove to be connected to Dylan Redwine’s case? If so, will it be bad news for Mark Redwine? Only time can tell, and authorities in La Plata County are playing their cards close to their collective chests for the solidarity of the case.

[Photo: Family of Dylan Redwine via Photobucket]