Austin Mahone Shares Taylor Swift's Advice, Type Of Girl He's Looking For

Austin Mahone, 19, has a lot to learn. It's no wonder why he's looking up to his pop peers when it comes to performing in the music industry. Austin recently revealed to People magazine what he's learned from one of the world's biggest pop stars.

Austin Mahone found himself a pop mentor. No, it's not Justin Bieber. In fact, it's the most successful pop star at the moment: Taylor Swift. At the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Think It Up Initiative on Friday, September 11, Mahone told the reports that he's seen Swift perform live. The "Bad Blood" singer has even reached out to Mahone and offered him some valuable advice.

"Just watching her show, I'm getting advice just from how she performs. And she's told me to keep my family close, and always work hard and work towards what I want to accomplish."
Austin also took noticed of the beautiful women in Taylor Swift's squad. He then jokingly added, "I always have to surround myself with beautiful women." Austin admitted that it's "definitely tough" to date with his demanding career. But he already has the perfect woman in mind.
"But I just look for someone that can make some great food, someone that is a little shorter than me and someone that loves music as much as I do."
Several reports claim that Austin Mahone has already found his new love. The "Dirty Work" singer has been getting flirty with an up and coming singer on Instagram, according to a previous report via J-14 Magazine.

Brie Angellina made an appearance in Mahone's new video, "Say Something." She also gained popularity with her singing videos on YouTube.

Around Labor Day, the beauty shared this video along with the caption, "The only thing I'm looking at is my hair stuck on my lashes......anyway happy #laborday and #MusicMonday here's a quick #cover of @frankoceanmusic #ThinkingAboutYou."

Austin got a little flirty with the singer by uploading this video of himself singing the same song with the caption, "Right back at you."

According to a report via Fashion & Style Magazine, Mahone already has the approval of the mystery girl's mother. She replied to Mahone's post on Twitter with the response, "Now that's up!!!!!"

Brie tweeted her mom back, "LOL mom." It was obvious that she was embarrassed by her mom's dorky, yet charming comment.

Austin and Brie haven't interacted on social media since, so it's still unclear whether or not they're dating. But unfortunately for Austin, it looks like Brie is already taken. On Saturday, September 12, shared this photo of herself with a lucky guy kissing her cheek. She captioned the adorable photo: "Yummy."


Some would say that Austin Mahone's latest crush looks kind of like a mashup of Becky G and Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony. It seems like Mahone definitely has a type when it comes to his selection of women. What are your thoughts on Mahone's ideal of the perfect women? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images]