Skydiver Gary Connery Safely Lands Without A Parachute [Video]

Who needs a parachute when you’ve got cardboard boxes? Gary Connery became the first skydiver in history today to land, on purpose, without a parachute.

Connery, 42, jumped out of a helicopter wearing a specially designed “wing suit” at 2,400 feet. Sky News reports that Connery used the wing suit, as well as a runway made of 18,600 cardboard boxes, to help him land safely in Oxfordshire, England.

Connery said:

“It was so comfortable, so soft… My calculations obviously worked out and I’m glad they did.”

Connery’s parachute-less flight lasted about 50 seconds. When he was about five seconds from the ground he flared the wingsuit to slow his descent before crashing into the cardboard boxes.

Hundreds of people gathered to watch Connery’s stunt, including his son Cali, 14, and his wife Vivian. Vivian said that she was “relieved it was over” once Connery emerged from cardboard boxes.

Before today, Connery had never landed without his parachute. But the 42-year-old is no stranger to dangerous activities. He was one of the stuntmen in “The Dark Knight” and “The Beach.”

Here’s a video of Gary Connery jumping out of a helicopter at 2,400 feet, and landing safely on the ground without the help of a parachute.