Andrew Lincoln Is NOT Leaving ‘The Walking Dead,’ Contrary To Recent Rumors

Recently rumors started to circulate that Andrew Lincoln, who plays the main protagonist, Rick Grimes, in AMC’s The Walking Dead, wanted to leave the popular zombies series. However, it has since been confirmed that this information is not true and Andrew Lincoln is still happy to have the helm of The Walking Dead.

Characters’ lives constantly hang in the balance in The Walking Dead but there is one character who is pretty much guaranteed a free ride, that of main protagonist, Rick Grimes. In the TV series, Rick is the character that the story centers on. He is their leader — albeit a crazy one at times — as well as the character the series first centered on when he awoke from a coma and discovered himself in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. However, in the comic books, creator Robert Kirkman once told a Reddit AMA that he did initially consider killing off Rick.

“I honestly considered killing Rick in issue 6 and making the comic about Carl having to grow up with this guy he saw kill his father. But in the end, I decided against it. That was never the plan, but it was a thought that popped up that I entertained while I was writing issue 6.”

But what would happen to the character of Rick Grimes of the actor that portrays him, Andrew Lincoln decided to leave the series? Would his character be killed off and Carl’s story followed like Robert Kirkman suggested could have happened in the comics, or would another character take the helm?

These questions were briefly raised when OK! Magazine (also known as Celebrity Dirty Laundry) announced Andrew Lincoln wanted to leave the show with the following statement.

“Andrew Lincoln, who plays deputy Rick Grimes, wants to be zombie feed! His rep denies it, but our sources are reporting that the actor is tired of dragging his wife and two kids from their native England to Georgia where the show shoots, so he is planning his exit.”

However, this news article has since been debunked with Gossip Cop issuing the following statement about Andrew Lincoln’s possible departure from The Walking Dead.

Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for [Andrew] Lincoln, who tells us that there’s ‘no truth’ to the tabloid’s story about him wanting to leave the show.”

The Walking Dead returns with season 6 to AMC on Sunday, October 11, 2015.

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[Image credit: AMC]