Watch ‘Eat Bulaga’ Online: See Where The AlDub Drama Goes Next

Fans can watch Eat Bulaga online and see what turn the AlDub drama goes next.

The twists and turns of the noontime show have captivated millions of viewers across the Philippines, peaking with Saturday’s abduction. Viewers learned that Duhrizz was the one responsible for abducting lovers Yaya Dub and Alden Richards, but the abduction led to an important moment in the AlDub drama — the second ever meeting of the lovers.

Duhrizz — played by comedian Wally Bayola — led the two blindfolded lovers in different directions, but they still bumped into each other and later drank iced coffee through the same straw. The moment had the audience screaming in anticipation and excitement of the two meeting for only the second time.

Fans unable to watch the noontime show can watch Eat Bulaga online instead and catch up on all the drama.

The live drama has become an international sensation, with Saturday’s shocking episode trending on Twitter not only across the Philippines but around the world. Fans tweeted their reactions to the AlDub abduction and shared video of the parking lot meeting of the pair.

The Asian Journal picked up on the phenomena, explaining a bit of where the appeal comes from.

“When AlDub fanatics post anything AlDub-related, everyone jumps right in. And it’s hard to resist the urge to check them out. And when you start watching their skit and following them on every social media platform, that’s it – you’re hooked. Welcome to club!”

“I’ll play skeptic and say that at first you wouldn’t really get it. You would think to yourself: “how is this weird couple flirting stupidly on screen pass as comic?” But the longer you watch Alden ‘Bae Alden’ Richards swoon his beloved by flashing his deeper-than-deep-dimples and lip syncs to every cliché love song ever written, you get stuck. Then you watch Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza does her signature nostril-flare and tom-and-jerry smile to look wackily ugly (which is never the case-coz she so adorable). And in the middle of them lip syncing songs and dubbing lines flawlessly, the stern and typical Lola-character played by Wally Bayola steps in and ruins their flirting session.”

The love tam is played by Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, who became famous for her “dubsmashes.” The Eat Bulaga team recruited her for the show to play Yaya Dub, and her chemistry with Richards has been undeniable.

The two have been featured in the Kalyeserye, a series that plays out live in the streets.

Those who want to watch Eat Bulaga online can follow the AlDub drama by clicking here.

[Image via Eat Bulaga]