Wally Bayola Returns To ‘Eat Bulaga’ For Lenten Special, Tries To Put Sex Scandal In His Past

Wally Bayola returned to Eat Bulaga! this week, part of the comedian’s effort to put behind him the sex scandal that nearly ended his long career.

Bayola appeared on the show’s Lenten Special, during which the Eat Bulaga! actors take on more dramatic roles. Bayola, who had been on leave since 2013 when a sex tape emerged showing him and co-star Yoshika “Yosh” Rivera, returned to play one of three gay children to an adult father struggling with money problems.

Along with his return to Eat Bulaga! (the comedian also appeared once in 2014, playing a cell phone thief), Wally Bayola opened up about the sex scandal that put a halt to his career and nearly landed him in jail. Bayola said the scandal still follows him, even nearly two years later.

“I’m still ashamed,” Bayola told GMA News in his native Filipino, adding that he has finally been able to move past it.

As Wally Bayola explained last year, the scandal nearly ended his life, Philstar reported.

“The gun was cocked, ready to be fired. And just when he was about to pull the trigger, determined ‘to end it all,’ the phone rang. It brought him back to his senses.

Finally talking about the sex video (with an EB dancer) that drove him to desperation after it went viral in September last year, Wally Bayola said that he was thankful that he didn’t correct a wrong by committing another wrong.

“As soon as I hung up the phone, added Wally, he saw the name of Jose Manalo, his ‘Eat, Bulaga!’ co-host (for the ‘Juan For All, All For Juan’ segment, with Paolo Ballesteros). He called Jose but the phone just kept ringing, so he texted him, ‘Talk to me, Wally!’ After a while, Jose called. After Wally poured his heart out to him, Jose began scolding him, ‘like my father chastising a child,’ and told him to rush to St. Luke’s Medical Center where Wally’s daughter was having chemotherapy.

“‘That was what woke me up,’ said Wally.”

Wally Bayola since apologized to his Eat Bulaga! co-hosts and the show’s producer, who all accepted his apology. He appeared on the show in February of 2014, bringing out a birthday cake for his comedy partner, Jose Manolo, and offering his apologies to fans at home. While he has left Eat Bulaga!, Bayola’s career has continued, including an appearance in the 2014 movie My Big Bossing.

[Image via Interaksyon.com]