T-Mobile’s iPhone 6s Deal: $20-Per-Month For $125 Less Than Apple

T-Mobile is just one of the many mobile carriers reminding you about their iPhone 6s deal. In the U.S., consumers have the option of going to one of the four major carriers to pre-order the new phones.

Apple’s new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are now available for pre-order on Saturday, September 12. However, the phones won’t start shipping out until September 25. Consumers have been wondering which carrier they should pre-order the new iPhone 6s from.

T-Mobile had an announcement on its remarkable deal on the new iPhone. Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus at its live event on Wednesday, September 9. As you should know, both of these models are $100 more than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If you want to cash in on a deal, then T-Mobile wants to help you out.

T-Mobile’s iPhone 6s deal allows you to pay $20 per month, or $24 per month for the iPhone 6s Plus with no money down. After 18 months, you can decide whether you want to give the phone back to T-Mobile or pay $164 to keep it. This will bring the total payment of your iPhone 6s to $524, which is cheaper than Apple’s full price of $649 for the 16GB phone. After the 18 months is up, you’re free to leave T-Mobile for another service.

However, it should be advised that the deal is a lease, not a purchase. You’re also purchasing the new iPhone from T-Mobile, which has received a bad rep for poor coverage in suburbs and towns.

You will have to pay for the service plan, which is separate from the $20 per month deal. T-Mobile’s individual plans start at $50 per month for 1GB of data, and go up to $80 per month for unlimited data. T-Mobile will also promise to refund your phone and service costs if you return it within the first month of service. If you don’t like that deal, then T-Mobile will refund you for the month’s service and unlock your iPhone 6s so you can take it to another mobile carrier.

Speaking of which, Sprint is also offering their own deal. You can pay $15 per month for the iPhone 6s; however, you have to trade in your old iPhone to get that rate. Without the trade-in, you will pay $22 per month, which costs more than T-Mobile’s iPhone 6s deal. After your 22 months is up, you have the option to trade in the device, or pay $319 to keep it.

Sprint’s $15 per month deal also doesn’t include the service plan. They do offer an unlimited individual plan or family shared data plan, which they claim is $20 per month cheaper than what other carriers are offering.

T-Mobile’s iPhone 6s deal may be better if you plan to purchase the phone. Sprint’s deal may fair better if you want unlimited data and want to trade-in your iPhone.

Both plans are still much cheaper than Apple’s plan, which starts at $32.41 per month for the iPhone 6s. But it does give you a new upgrade each year, AppleCare+ coverage, and the freedom to choose any carrier you want. If you were to buy the iPhone 6s now, you won’t be able to upgrade to the iPhone 7 until next September. You can however buy the new phones directly from the Apple website or from the Apple Store iOS app.

T-Mobile started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 6s at midnight on September 12. The company doesn’t guarantee that all of its customers will receive their orders by September 25.

[Image: Stephen Lam/Getty Images]