Sofia Vergara Wedding: ‘Modern Family’ Actress Opens Up About November Nuptials, Baby Plans

Sofia Vergara is planning to wed Joe Manganiello on November 22 at Breakers Palm Beach, and she is opening up a bit about her upcoming nuptials. According to Mail Online, the Modern Family actress sat down for an interview with InStyle Magazine to talk about her fall wedding and about her plans for having a family with the Magic Mike star.

For starters, Vergara wanted everyone to know that she wants her wedding to be a ton of fun — and that she wants the desserts to be the center of attention (second to her, of course).

“Cake is my favorite thing. So the cake table is going to be super special. A big wedding cake and lots of desserts… I want a wedding where the guests are going to have fun,” Sofia said. She and Joe are reportedly expecting about 300 guests to attend their ceremony and reception.

Sofia Vergara talked about having more children (she already has one son, Manolo, 22), but said that it won’t be an easy thing for her at age 43. According to People Magazine, the actress admitted that she is open to the idea, but that she would need to use a surrogate. It is presumed that this is something she and Joe have talked about, but it is unclear whether or not the actor wants to be a dad, or if having children is important to him.

“I’m really borderline at my age to do it. And if I’m going to do it, I would need a surrogate. I’ll need help. But I don’t mind it; it’s fine,” Sofia said.It sounds like the two are just going to go with the flow on this one.

Vergara then talked about her husband-to-be. Although she admits that she was nervous to go after someone as handsome as Manganiello, everything ended up working out just fine (so far).

“He’s not like a typical handsome guy. He’s not vain. He’s very serious, very straightforward, very easy. Also, he doesn’t drink. So that’s great because he doesn’t like to go out partying. And he can sit around a dinner table for hours with my family. He talks s— and drinks Colombian coffee,” she tells InStyle.

Do you think Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are perfect together? Do you think the two will end up having kids together in the future? Do you think their marriage will last?

[Photo by Araya Diaz / Getty Images Entertainment]