Chris Pratt’s Facebook Thank A Veteran Tribute Commemorating 9/11 Anniversary [Video]

Actor Chris Pratt has posted a Facebook video and accompanying message to thank a military veteran on the 14th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. He encouraged his fans to follow his example.

In his social media tribute, The Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World star publicly thank his friend, ex-Navy Seal Mike Day, for his bravery. While deployed to Iraq, Day was shot 27 times, and among other wounds, suffered a traumatic brain injury. Day now competes in triathalons and is planning to compete in the grueling Kona Ironman World Championships as a fundraiser for the Carrick Brain Center in Dallas, Texas, a medical facility that treats service members and others with neurological issues.

Pratt said he is making a $10,000 donation to Carrick and urged his Facebook followers to make a contribution if they have a few extra bucks lying around. He also suggested that others follow his example by posting their own thank a veteran tribute video.

As most fans know, Pratt transformed himself from an overweight Parks and Recreation sitcom actor into an A-list action star.

“Chris Pratt is often cast to play heroes in films, but on Friday he decided to pay tribute to the real heroes — those who have served,” The Daily Caller noted. E! Online similarly observed that “Chris Pratt fights the bad guys in the movies, but he has huge admiration for the heroes who do it in real life.”

In a Facebook message posted below the video that has generated about 1.7 million views as of this writing, Chris Pratt expressed his support for the bravery of U.S. military veterans, and in particular, the need to make sure they receive appropriate medical treatment when they get home.

“In the face of unexpected violence, most of us freeze. We crumble. We pray. We cry. But a select few stand up, join up and take the fight to the enemy, in the name of justice. This September 11th I am doing something I invite all of you to do as well. I’m posting a video to #ThankAVeteran. Thank you #MikeDay

…No matter where you land politically in terms of our countries involvement in foreign affairs, or the two wars we’ve been in post 9/11 there is no doubting the courage and valor men like Mike Day have shown…In America we may have our opinions, we don’t always agree and our voices are loud. But 14 years ago we were reminded that deep down we are not divided, we are united and strong. We’ve got each other’s backs, despite our differences and will continue to as we move forward. So click and donate right now to help someone like Mike learn to move forward. United we can take the necessary steps toward leaving the war behind overseas and here at home…”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment]