New ‘Arrow’ Season 4 Spoilers Tease Olicity: What Is Next For The New Couple?

Arrow fans will see an entirely new series when Arrow returns to CW next month. At the end of Arrow Season 3, Oliver and Felicity ran off to be together, and they will have spent the last few months together enjoying life and exploring their new relationship.

Marc Guggenheim shared new inside scoop on Oliver and Felicity with TV Insider. Arrow Season 4 will definitely focus on their relationship, and fans will wonder if the new couple can survive once new villains and obstacles are thrown their way.

Guggenheim shared all the inside scoop with fans.

“They have been all over the world traveling. They’ve had a grand old time going to different places and have since settled down in another city and [are] living under very different circumstances. Oliver even says in the premiere that he is enjoying making evening plans that don’t involve him being shot at.”

Guggenheim also teased the longevity of the couple. Will they survive the whole season?

“[They’ll make it] longer than the first episode, which would beat our record! [Season 4 will] explore the nature of their relationship as a couple and we have no desire to break them up before [that]…one of the fun parts of the season is the will they stay together or break up.”

As superhero fans know, romance is not easy for the hero or their chosen mate. Oliver Queen is at least human, so he does not have any “super” problems like Superman.

Oliver and Felicity will be forced to return home when their friends cannot handle Damien Darhk on their own. TV Line also shared another teased another major Oliver spoiler recently.

Could public office in his future?

“Mericle shared this cryptic tease after we mentioned a popular fan theory about Oliver running for Mayor: ‘He will definitely be coming more to the fore as Oliver Queen and balancing that with his new role as the Green Arrow. He’ll be bringing some light to the city. I can’t say exactly how, but that’s his goal.'”

Oliver will not have it easy when he returns though. Not everyone will welcome him with open arms. Diggle will still hold a grudge against his friend after the events of last season. Oliver did kidnap his wife after all.

A new teaser video shared by The CW this week gives fans more of an idea of what to expect this season.

Arrow Season 4 will premiere on October 7.

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