WWE News: Seth Rollins Likely Losing One Of His Titles At ‘Night Of Champions,’ But Which One Will It Be?

As announced two weeks ago on RAW, Seth Rollins will defend both the United States Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions on September 20. So, it’ll be one of those rare times in WWE where a guy wrestles twice in the same night, and, as Sheamus teased on Monday, Seth Rollins could be wrestling three times if Sheamus ends up cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase, but, that’s unlikely.

So, how will Seth Rollins do at Night of Champions? Will he lose both titles? Retain both? Or, retain one and lose one? Well, according to BetWrestling.com, Rollins is a heavy favorite in one of his title matches, and a heavy underdog in the other.

It appears that Seth Rollins is the heavy underdog in his United States Championship match with John Cena, which doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s losing the title, as WWE has changed finishes of matches in the past based on betting odds. However, there is some new John Cena merchandise that is set to be released that suggests that he is regaining the U.S. Title on September 20.

So, what about Rollins vs. Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Well, the match positioning alone should give away the finish, as it’s currently scheduled to take place in the middle of the card, and the U.S. Title match will close the show. On top of that, Seth Rollins is the heavy favorite to defeat Sting, making Sting 0-2 in WWE.

If WWE is planning on having Sting defeat Seth Rollins, and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the positioning of the match on the card is a bit odd to say the least, because it would be quite the feel-good moment, as it would be Sting’s first WWE Title win.

Of course, the match order could be changed between now and the day of the show, but, as of right now, WWE sees Rollins vs. Cena as the most anticipated match on the Night of Champions card, and they believe that it’ll be a better match to close the show with, as the Sting vs. Rollins match will likely have some sort of screwy finish.

Just in case you’re wondering what exactly the odds are for both of Seth Rollins’ matches at Night of Champions, well, you can check them out below.

  • Seth Rollins [-350] vs. Sting [+290]
  • Seth Rollins [+250] vs. John Cena [-350]

[Image via JP Yim / Getty Images]