Apple iPod Touch 6 Released 'Quietly,' Priced At $199

This week's Apple Event was filled with a lot of new gadgets, but one device was clearly missing: the new iPod. Just because the iPod Touch didn't make a big appearance at the event doesn't mean it has gone away. In fact, some might say a better iPod has taken its place.

According to a previous report delivered by FOX 31 Denver, it's been exactly three years since Apple released a new iPod Touch. The device reportedly went unnoticed at the Apple Event, which took place on Wednesday, Sept. 9. Little do many consumers know, Apple had already "quietly" released the new Apple iPod Touch 6 earlier this month. The new iPod Touch may look the same as its predecessor but it is new and improved with its beefed up specs.

On a cursory glance, the iPod Touch 6 appears to look identical to the 5th Generation iPod Touch. One small distinction is that Apple decided to get rid of the hook used to attach the device to a lanyard. Most of the changes with the new iPod Touch are internal. According to Apple, it's six times faster than its previous model. Both cameras have been upgraded to an 8-megapixel camera, an improved iSight and a FaceTime HD camera that allows the owner to take slow-motion video. Of course, the camera isn't as great as the one found on the iPhone 6, but that hasn't stopped some from calling the iPod Touch 6 the "iPhone without the phone."

The iPod Touch will also connect faster to the internet since the Wi-Fi hardware has been upgraded. The new iPod has been catapulted into the year 2015, as the device finally has Bluetooth connectivity. IPod Touch 6 is compatible with Bluetooth speakers and headphones. It also includes a new M8 Motion Coprocessor that will track your fitness progress without draining the battery. Most of the new hardware from the iPhone 6s has also been integrated into the new iPod Touch.

For instance, it's built on the latest iOS software. It will also update to the new iOS 9, which is scheduled for release on Sept. 16. But, don't expect the iPod Touch to have the new Retina display. It still has a 4-inch screen with a 1,136 x 640 resolution (326 ppi).

When it comes to comparing the iPod Touch 6 to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, it feels lighter at 88 grams. Some users will find that it's easier to hold. You may already have an iPhone, but may want to keep the iPod Touch 6 in your pocket or gym bag. It's a convenient device for listening to music on the go without having to worry about making calls, sending texts or accessing social media. Of course, there's an app for all those things should you want to add them to your iPod Touch.

The old iPod came in a choice of pink, teal, or yellow. The new iPod are available in blue, hot pink, silver, space gray, or gold. The basic 16GB version costs $199, while the 32GB version sells for $249. If you save a lot of photos and videos, the 64GB costs $299 while the 128GB retails for $399.

Of course, the iPod Touch isn't for everyone, but it can be useful for those who use iTunes or Apple Music and want to bring their music with them everywhere they go. It's also perfect for kids who want to play with games or apps without worrying about a data plan.

[Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images for Apple]