WWE News: Kevin Owens On WWE Not Wanting To Hire Him, Says He Owes Triple H His WWE Career

Kevin Owens isn’t your typical WWE superstar, which has somewhat worked against him during his short time on WWE’s main roster. Many had high hopes for Owens after he debuted on the main roster with a bang, taking out John Cena and winning his debut match against Cena at the Elimination Chamber show.

Owens has somewhat cooled down since then, but he is back in the title hunt, as he’s set to take on Ryback for the intercontinental championship at Night of Champions. If Owens wins, it’ll be his first main roster title. He may be the guy who restores prestige to the I.C. belt, which hasn’t been relevant in WWE in over a decade.

The fact that someone like Kevin Owens is on the cusp of being a champion in WWE is remarkable, but not nearly as remarkable as the fact that WWE decided to hire him, because, as previously mentioned, he’s not your typical WWE superstar. His look is one that many in WWE management aren’t a fan of.

Owens has been one of the best wrestlers in the world for quite some time now, and, luckily, one WWE higher-up is a big fan of Owens and decided to give him a chance in NXT. That someone is Triple H.

In an interview with the Montreal Canadiens Magazine, Owens was asked about his journey to WWE, and how he got hired. Owens said that his hiring came down to a vote between five people, and the vote was tied a two a piece. Triple H had the final and deciding vote, and, of course, he voted to hire Owens. So, naturally, Owens says that he owes his WWE career to Triple H.

“[Triple H] hired me. When I got my chance to be called up to the pros, the story I heard was that four or five people had a say in the decision. The vote was tied at two, and Triple H cast the deciding ballot. He gave me my chance. I appreciated that he was willing to risk signing me even though I’m not the typical WWE wrestler.

“Since I started working with him, we’ve become a lot closer. He helps me as much as he can for shows — like he does with everyone — but we both have young kids at home and we talk about a lot of other things that have nothing to do with wrestling. The fact that he’s in my corner is what counts. I watched him fight when I was younger. I went to the Bell Centre to see him live. He’s the one who motivated me.”

Owens has received nothing but rave reviews during his short time in WWE. Both “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Bret Hart named Owens as their favorite wrestler, and Hulk Hogan said that “Owens made me a believer again.” Unfortunately, most of WWE management doesn’t see Owens the same way those three WWE Hall of Famers do. However, having Triple H in his corner could turn things around for Owens, as he could end up being the intercontinental champion after next Sunday night.

[Image via WWE]