Trey Wingo Recites All Super Bowl Scores And MVPs In Under 7 Minutes

NFL Live host Trey Wingo proved that he knows a lot more about football than just what is happening right now in the current season.

His knowledge of football statistics may apparently extend back nearly fifty years. Wingo proved this by showcasing a very special talent that not many longtime football fans have — the ability to recite all of the Super Bowl scores and Most Valuable Players (MVPs) by memory.

In less than seven minutes, Trey Wingo (born Hal Chapman Wingo III) listed the final scores of all 49 Super Bowl games along with their respective match-ups, MVPs, and locations.

Perhaps one of the most impressive parts of the footage is that Trey did not need any form of assistance whatsoever. If anything, he just needed to keep track of the Super Bowl game number that he was on as he progressively made his way down the list from 1 to 49.

Keep in mind that most NFL football fans can barely remember the Super Bowl score from this year’s big game without using a lifeline (or at least Google).

Perhaps longtime fans that are skilled at memorizing sports stats can quickly recall final scores from the past five or ten years. However, a relatively short list of people are capable of accomplishing the feat achieved by Trey Wingo in this video.

The 51-year-old Baylor University graduate was initially challenged by His and Hers co-host Michael Smith.

According to Complex, Smith issued the challenge to Wingo to list off each of the Super Bowl scores and MVPs from memory. The fact that he included the locations from the vast majority of the 49 games was apparently just icing on the cake.

Wingo took things a step further by even sprinkling in some fun facts and trivia points about quite a few of the games as he progressively flowed through the list.

As mentioned, there are likely other devoted football fans, critics, and analysts that are capable of pulling this off. Some may even be able to beat Wingo’s time. However, until they accept the challenge and prove it, Trey Wingo will essentially hold on to his bragging rights.

[Image Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]