‘The Royals’ Season 2: First Look At Queen Helena And Ophelia, Plus How Long Will Cyrus Reign?

With the premiere of The Royals’ second season only months away, fans were recently treated with a first glimpse at Ophelia Pryce’s (Merritt Patterson) new look. With Ophelia moving on to New York City at the end of Season 1, how will Prince Liam (William Moseley) and Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) react to her new look?

The image was released by Patterson on her Instagram account, and it shows the actress with blonde highlights in her hair.

“Having so much more fun! #blonde #yespleasethankyou,” she captioned the photo.

While it isn’t clear if Ophelia has undergone a drastic change in appearance after moving to New York City, or if this new look is just a part of some costume for a dance, it will be interesting to see how Queen Helena reacts to her looks. Even more, her change might be an attempt to get back with Liam, who made the difficult choice of sending her to New York last season.

Speaking of Helena, Hurley recently teased that the upcoming season of The Royals was going to be just as crazy as the first.

According to MStarz, the actress stated, “We have some outrageous things to do in season two. Even Queen Helena does some pretty startling things and I think that’s part of the fun of the show, seeing what we can get away with and seeing how the audience takes it.”

In regards to the new season, one of the main storylines will center of Cyrus (Jake Maskall) and how he handles his newfound power on the throne. As fans wait to find out just how long Cyrus manages to retain his power, The Christian Post is reporting that the upcoming season will explore Cyrus’ sensitive side.

In particular, the touchy story of Cyrus’ mother will be examined in the new season as the acting King of England tries his best to remain on the throne. How this ties in with the rest of the characters is yet to be seen.

However, Cyrus’ time as King may be short lived. Along with the plots and schemes that Helena is probably going to throw his way, Cyrus will also have to deal with an angry Liam, who will likely do everything in his power to see that Cyrus gets booted off the throne. Either way, once Liam finds out who was behind the murder of his father, there isn’t anything that is going to stand in his way for justice.

Season 2 of The Royals is set to premiere November 15 on E!

[Image Courtesy: E!]