Lorenzo Lamas’ Son Arrested For Shoplifting At The Same Target As Kim Richards

The Van Nuys Target seems to be the new “it” location for D-list celebrities who shoplift, because it was the location of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kim Richards’ shoplifting arrest. Recently, Lorenzo Lamas’ son A.J. kicked it up a notch and shoplifted from the Target with a baby in his arms, allowing him to temporarily get away. Lamas, who appeared on the reality show Leave it to Lamas, is no stranger to law enforcement.

According to the Inquisitr, the Van Nuys Target was also the location where Kim Richards was arrested this summer after attempting to steal two shopping carts worth of merchandise totaling $600. Richards has been charged but has not yet had her hearing on the robbery. She rejected a plea deal on her arrest back in April for public drunkenness and assault of a police officer.

TMZ broke the story that A.J. Lamas was arrested today in the hotel room where he fled after stealing from a Target and escaping with a baby in his arms.

“A.J. Lamas — who appeared on the reality show, Leave It To Lamas — was popped at a Van Nuys Target for robbery. Cops say he stole a wrench, clothes and tennis shoes. As for why he was busted for robbery… cops say on his way out when security tried to stop him, he punched the security and got away.”

Previously, TMZ reported that Lamas has been arrested for DUI and terrorizing an ex-girlfriend after breaking into her home. Ex-girlfriend Jessie Schulman filed documents requesting a restraining order. He broke into her house, tried to hold her captive in her bathroom, and then fled after stealing a bottle of whiskey.

In 2011, TMZ also reported that Lamas was arrested twice for cocaine possession. The identity of the baby is unknown, as are the list of charges that Lamas will be facing for this current crime. He is currently being held at the Van Nuys police station awaiting a parole hearing. Like in the case against Kim Richards, the Target Corporation is pressing charges.

Do you think A.J. Lamas should go to jail for this recent crime?

[Photo courtesy of Ethan Miller/Getty Images]