‘Little People, Big World’ Finale Teasers, Renewal Tidbits: Matt Roloff Teases Big News

Fans of Little People, Big World will get one more opportunity to check in with the Roloff family during the current season before a bit of a break. Last week, Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Audrey, Zach, and Tori shared updates and answered fan questions in a great episode. Matt Roloff shared via his Facebook page that there is one fun episode airing Tuesday night, and he teased that the Roloffs would be back with more new episodes soon. What’s the scoop?

Tuesday night’s episode is a bit of a different one and likely a plan by the network to pull in Little People, Big World fans to check out Our Little Family. The Roloffs will connect with the Hamill family from the newer TLC show, and fans can’t wait to see everybody together.

TV Guide shares that in the September 8 episode, the Hamills from Our Little Family will visit the Roloff family on their Oregon farm. The Hamill kids, Jack, Cece, and Cate, will get a chance to go on a treasure hunt and meet some of the animals on the Roloff farm.

Fans of Our Little Family know that the Hamills and Roloffs have some key things in common that make it natural that the two would connect. The Hamills all have achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. Viewers of the show see how they work to tackle the regular world despite some unique challenges, much like Amy, Matt, and Zach Roloff have had to do. Season 1 of Our Little Family aired on TLC earlier in the year, and Season 2 recently started airing.

As for Little People, Big World, fans have been worried that this season might well be the last for the Roloff family. These past two seasons have been fairly short and focused on the weddings of both Jeremy and Zach. Given Matt and Amy’s separation and divorce, there was a lot of buzz that perhaps the family was wrapping up their reality TV stint.

However, a recent Facebook post by Matt seemingly indicates otherwise. Roloff thanks the fans for all of the love and support they show the family, and he mentions Tuesday’s episode with the Hamills. In this post, it seems there is good news about a Little People, Big World renewal.

Roloff writes that Tuesday’s episode with the Hamills comes “Before a short (lol) break all new episodes this spring 2016.” Fans were quick to buzz over the news that the show seemingly will be back with more in the spring and can’t wait to see what comes next.

Just what will the show focus on when new episodes return in the spring? Many suspect that Jeremy and Audrey may be front-and-center. The newlyweds just shared via social media and a web clip that they’ve left Los Angeles, where they had been living since they got married. It seems the two have headed back to Oregon for the next chapter of their life together, and everybody will be anxious to see what they tackle next.

While there will surely be more tense moments ahead for Matt and Amy as they tackle how to manage their divorce alongside their joint business ventures, there are happy times ahead with two newlywed couples in the family. Tune in for the season finale of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff and Our Little Family Hamill families and stay tuned for details regarding the new season ahead.

[Photo via Jeremy Roloff’s Instagram]