Billboard Music Awards: Whitney Houston’s Family Nearly Gets In Physical Confrontation With Ray J

Whitney Houston was honored at last nights Billboard Music Awards and in attendance was the singers family. Unfortunately their appearance was marred by an argument as Pat Houston demanded that Houston’s ex-boyfriend Ray J be removed from his seat at the awards show.

Pat Houston, Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina and other members of the Whitney Houston family were seated right next to Ray J, however Pat Houston has long believed that Ray J was a bad influence on his daughter.

Pat had hotel security ask Ray J to move but he refused, a refusal that nearly led to a physical confrontation that they had no right to start.

When a security member from the hotel told Pat Houston that the altercation was about to become physical and would most likely be caught on video Houston’s mom backed down and Ray J kept his seat just as Whitney Houston was about to be honored.

Following the altercation Ray J told his friends in attendance:

“Pat ruined what was a great opportunity to honor the woman who I loved.”

In his defense Ray J continues to claim that he had no idea Whitney Houston had continued to snort cocaine leading up to her death. The Houston family have pointed their collective fingers at Ray J since the time of Whitney Houston’s death which was brought on by prescription drugs, cocaine use and alcohol which ultimately led to her drowning in a Beverly Hills hotels.

Do you think Ray J should have moved during the Billboard Music Awards or did he make the right decision in standing his ground against Whitney Houston’s family?