$1 Million Parking Space Available In New York City

New York City is no stranger to excess and that point was driven home on Monday when it was revealed that a private parking spot at 66 E. 11 St will be sold for a cool $1 million.

The Manhattan parking spot is 12 feet wide, 23 feet long and more than 15 feet high and is housed inside a new condominium project.

The parking spot is part of a renovation being handled by developer Morad Fareed who spent $120 million to purchase a parking garage which he is now converting into six luxury condominiums with 15-foot high ceilings.

Prudential Douglas Elliman Vice Chairman Dolly Lenz tells the NY Post:

“It’s for someone who wants complete privacy. You can drive in and not be seen again. It’s for the type of person who finds that attractive. It could be a celebrity or a business person who is camera shy.”

The parking spot also has a “duplexed” option which would allow two cars to be parked at the same time if an elevator lift were to be installed.

Just like a condo in New York City the spot will have a deed, sales contract and even be charged maintenance fees.

The parking spot is expected to officially make its debut this fall.

For the Manhattan buyer who must have it all the parking spot can also be purchased alongside an 8,000 square-foot duplex penthouse that offers a terrace view with 3,000 square feet for a whopping $38.8 million.

If that isn’t enough to get you excited the shower water in the building will be pumped full of aloe and vitamin c while the penthouses flooring will be made with heat reflexology flooring.