Watch This Drunk Bear Trying To Scratch His Back -- And Falling Over In The Process [Video]

Fairly often, an animal video comes along that you can't watch without smiling, either because it's hilarious or adorable. But it's not every day that the source of that entertainment is a big, wild bear. An ecologist posted a video to Instagram featuring one of the most feared predators on the planet trying to scratch its back on a tree while possibly intoxicated on fermented fruit.

You can watch the drunk bear attempt to satisfy his itch in the video above.

John Kitchin, the ecologist who works to "tell stories" about these misunderstood beasts, shared the drunk bear video with the caption "Best trail camera video ever! A bear that ate some mushrooms or fermented fruit perhaps? Whatever caused this young bear to miss the tree twice, made me laugh everytime. #youmebear #trailcamera #kitchinsink."

The drunk bear tries to stand up right and scratch his back against the bark of a tree, as bears are known to do. But his apparent inebriation causes him to miss the trunk and fall backwards--twice! You can't help but feel bad for a drunk bear, but you also can't help but laugh.

Viewers of the drunk bear video are unsure if the animal is a black bear or a grizzly because the video was filmed in black and white. According to the Mirror, it's more likely to be a black bear, as they prefer to reside in forests. Black bears also eat more fruit, which could explain how the drunk bear ended up making a fool of himself by eating fermented fruit. However, it does seem clear that the poor drunk bear is not fully grown, which could also account for its lack of coordination.

John Kitchin features a lot of other photos of the majestic creatures at his website, although you won't be seeing another drunk bear there.

"My main study site is based in Knight Inlet on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada," says Kitchin. "This spectacular place provides safe habitat, free from hunting for the bears and one of the Canada's best bear viewing experiences for people. I am here by kind permission of Knight Inlet Lodge, why don't you come and see for yourself!"

What do think this supposedly "drunk bear" was actually intoxicated?

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[Image credit: John Kitchin]