‘Ladies Of London’ Annabelle Neilson’s Recovery After Her Tragic Horseback Injury

If you got hooked on the first season of Bravo’s Ladies of London, you know that tough-as-nails Annabelle Neilson wasn’t going to let a simple thing like a broken back stop her from literally and figuratively getting back up on the horse. The countdown has begun for season 2 of Ladies of London to premiere on Bravo tonight, for what promises to be an even more exciting culture clash than last season.

The Inquisitr has reported that regulars Noelle Reno and Caprice Bourret have departed, and made way for some newbies to take their place.


When we last left Annabelle Neilson, she had just fallen off her horse at a full gallop (approximately 45 mph) while training for a charity race, according to 2paragraphs. She was hospitalized with broken bones in her pelvis and sacrum, leaving her unable to walk for over a month.

According to Bustle, Neilson was bedridden but determined to get back to normal and ride in the following year’s race, wearing McQueen-inspired silks.

“I am on crutches and it’s all fine,” Neilson said in August of last year. “I am determined to take part in next year’s race.”

Back then, the media was wondering if we had seen the last of Annabelle and Mr. Fickle (the horse, of course), but she is back in action and a large part of season 2.


But don’t think that Neilson sat around feeling sorry for herself. Nope. She wrote a children’s book called The Me Me Me’s: Andy Me, about the variety of emotions that children feel, according to Fat Fox Books in its review.

“The first in this series is all about the expressive little red space boy Angry Me who struggles to contain his anger. But Mellow Yellow – the constant voice of calm in the series – reassures and guides, reminding Angry Me that he is never alone and that there is always a friend to listen and help.The graffiti-style illustrations by Astro are bold, colourful and eye-catching, and work perfectly in tandem with Annabelle Neilson’s punchy, rhyming prose. With its soothing messages and sense of lively fun, this charming series is ideal for cooling and calming tired youngsters at bedtime.”


We are looking forward to what the next Me will be.

Will you be watching the Ladies of London tonight?