‘Ladies Of London’ Season 2 Starts Tonight

Are you hearing Fergie’s “London Bridge” in your head yet? It’s almost time for the new season of Ladies of London tonight on Bravo, and it will be a chance to find out what the returning ladies are up to and meet some new regulars.

As reported in the Inquisitr, Caprice Bourret and Noelle Reno have departed the show to make way for some familiar and few new faces to round out the cast. A friend of the ladies, Julie Montagu will join the cast as a regular, along with Danish Baroness Caroline Fleming. Another new addition is Sophie Stanbury, wife of Caroline’s brother Alex, who will move into the position of “friend” of the Ladies of London.


Entertainment Tonight took some time to quiz the ladies on a recent trip to Los Angeles about what fans can expect in the new season and about the new ladies, especially Sophie Stanbury, who Caroline knows quite well.

“Oh, can I just tell you something about Sophie?” Stanbury cooed, launching into a story about her sister-in-law’s bachelorette party. “She got so drunk, she stripped down naked… ran down the road naked, into all the stores that she goes to now, and woke up in the morning and basically said, ‘Oh my god. Now I realize why people travel for their hen night.'”

It seems that all of the ladies are ready to kick it up a notch from the first season.


The New York Post is reporting that one focus of the new season will be the relationship of American transplants Marissa Hermer (who just became a British citizen) and Juliet Angus. Cast mate Annabelle Neilson explains that the dynamic has changed now that Angus is better acclimated to the London scene.

“Juliet doesn’t want to piggyback off Marissa anymore,” says castmate Annabelle Neilson. “I do believe it’s about the power struggle. It’s what happens when one has a bit more access than the other.”


Neilson is also talking about her close relationship with Julie Montagu, also an American transplant, married to the future Earl of Sandwich.

“She is absolutely bonkers in the most perfect kind of way,” Neilson gushes.

Tune in tonight to see what the ladies have bee up to.

Will you be watching Ladies of London tonight?

[Photo courtesy of Bravotv]