Amber Heard Could Go To Prison: Johnny Depp’s Wife Has Doggone Pet Problems In #WarOnTerrier [Photos]

Amber Heard and her husband actor Johnny Depp have a doggone problem that could land her in in prison – minus the dogs. Although Amber was supposed to be present in Queensland in court on September 7 to contend with the issues resulting from bringing Heard’s and Depp’s dogs into Australia, she wasn’t there, delaying the answer to what will happen until November 2, reported MSN.

The dogs’ names are Boo and Pistol, and Amber is facing pet-smuggling charges. Officials in Australia claim that Heard and Depp did not have the necessary permits when their dogs arrived in the country. In addition, Amber faces accusations regarding a false document.

Heard’s potential penalty for those charges is serious, with a decade-long prison sentence for a guilty verdict.

Although Amber was absent from the courtroom, she and Johnny did appear in Italy during the Labor Day weekend to celebrate Johnny’s film Black Mass premiere. And Depp mocked the situation, with his target being Australian Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.

“I killed my dogs and ate them, under direct orders of some kind of, I don’t know, sweaty, big-gutted man from Australia,” joked Johnny in reference to Joyce, who at one point warned that he would have the dogs put down.

Actors Amber Heard (R) and Johnny Depp are in the doghouse over their dogs.

As the Inquisitr reported, Depp and Heard made a very visible presence on the red carpet as Johnny celebrated the buzz over his Black Mass role as a mobster.

Johnny and Amber wed in February, and because they had spent some time apart, rumors spread that they were having marital problems. But Heard and her husband happily canoodled for the cameras in a way that made it clear that they’re still very much in love.

Now, however, they’re in the doghouse for a different reason. Even if Amber, 29, doesn’t end up in prison, Heard could have to deal with a very large financial penalty, reported People.

No charges have been filed against Johnny, 52.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard face problems over their dogs.
Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard took their dogs to Australia -and that's creating problems.

The dogs Boo and Pistol traveled to Australia because Depp was shooting another Pirates of the Caribbean movie there.

Officials had no idea that the dogs were in the country until a pet groomer shared pics on social media.

When they were aware of the situation, the Minister of Agriculture set a deadline of 72 hours for Amber and Johnny to put the dogs on a one-way trip back to the United States. It was then that he also cautioned that he might euthanize little Pistol and Boo.

At this point, the outcome of Heard’s penalty for not declaring the dogs, who are terriers, to Customs is unknown, reported the BBC.

However, the publicity over Amber’s charges even has generated its own hashtag on social media: #WarOnTerrier

The quarantine laws are in place to block diseases from getting imported into Australia.

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