TNA News: TNA Officials Teasing Major Announcement With Destination America

In 2002, Jeff Jarrett started TNA. It began one year after WCW closed its doors. Fast-forward 13 years and Impact Wrestling is facing an instance of an unknown future. With ratings in decline, Dixie Carter and Jarrett are joining forces to ensure a better experience for their fans. Global Force Wrestling recently invaded TNA, which should help the booking for the foreseeable future.

One big topic inside TNA is their TV future. After their move to Destination America, the initial thought among wrestling fans is, “What is Destination America?” Spike TV was an established channel, while the former seemed like a new experience for the casual fan.

There’s no way to properly analyze the tension among the TNA locker room, because the analysts aren’t in the locker room themselves. However, new reports are coming out about TNA’s relationship with Destination America. According to PWInsider and E-Wrestling News, a major announcement is coming soon; so TNA officials are telling the talent.

“Also, there has been no announcement for October TV tapings. All the signs are pointing to DA and TNA officially going separate ways. When TNA signed the deal with Discovery, one of the points of the deal was Discovery would be able to syndicate Impact Wrestling in any market where TNA didn’t already have a TV deal in place.”

The report goes on to mention that TNA officials aren’t sure where they will be at the beginning of October. As talent, nothing is more stressful than not knowing where he or she will be working if doubt is instilled. Ratings aren’t improving, as well as the move to Wednesday’s not having a positive impact.

If anything can save TNA at this point, it’s going to be Jeff Jarrett. Global Force Wrestling is on the verge of a TV contract, which Jarrett seems to think that it’ll make for an exciting time for GFW.

“My goal is if you’re a GFW fan, you’ll have access to watch it all across the globe… I won’t call it streaming, but there’s a big component in the online world for Global Force.”

How should TNA be handled from this point forward? If they lose their TV contract with Destination America, will any other company pick them up? Without solid ratings and a good marketing plan, TNA isn’t as marketable as they once were. During their runs in the late-2000s, TNA was at an all-time high, as far as skill and production were concerned. As talent leaves for GFW, it’s a curious question as to how long they will last.

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