John Cena Fine Following Apparent Injury During WWE Live Event

Wrestling superstar John Cena caught many fans in the WWE Universe by surprise Friday night during his match with Kevin Owens. Owens is a frequent opponent of John Cena’s, but no one saw the potential consequences of a sunset flip gone wrong.

A sunset flip requires a wrestler to vault over their opponent’s back and somersault through the opponent’s legs, according to the Washington Post. As with many wrestling moves, a sunset flip is reliant on timing and positioning to be accurate.

The matchup between John Cena and Kevin Owens will not be aired on live television, but a video of the match made its way to YouTube, where the 12-time heavyweight champ can clearly be seen landing awkwardly on his neck following a miscued sunset flip.

While the video claims that John Cena had broken his neck, WWE officials say that the wrestling superstar is fine, and the tweet from John Cena himself appears to support that assertion.

Fans of John Cena have had much to be concerned about regarding their hero lately. John Cena missed some time from the mat in August due to a nasty broken nose during his bout with Seth Rollins, and concerns were huge that the superstar may well be missing his September 20 bout with Rollins for the United States Championship during Night of Champions.

Kevin Owens, however, had something to say about John Cena’s tweet. Cena’s frequent opponent appeared to be reminding Cena who it was that knocked him down.

It appears that Kevin Owens might be rather pleased about giving John Cena the bump of the night, but the wrestling superstar was, indeed, injured by the maneuver. Instead of playing to the crowd, as he frequently does following a victory, John Cena left the wrestling ring and did not give high fives in the wake of a victorious match.

It would appear, however, that John Cena is planning to participate in WWE’s Night of Champions and to vie for the United States Championship against his opponent — and the man who broke his nose last month — Seth Rollins. With John Cena’s “Never Give Up” mantra, it should come as no surprise to wrestling fans and to those new to the world of WWE that John Cena is still planning on pressing ahead with plans to try and snag the United States Championship once again.

[Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment]