The iPhone 6s Is On Its Way With Improved Camera And iOS 9 Integration

The iPhone 6s is on its way!

It is almost time for the formal introduction of the Apple iPhone 6s. Apple will launch their latest smartphone at the Bill Graham Civic Center on Wednesday. There will be a packed house full of members of the media and tech industry insiders. They all will be on hand to witness the iPhone 6s’ unveiling.

The anticipation is high for the successor to Apple’s most successful iPhone to date.

Apple’s iPhone 6s will have a lion’s share of updated features. These features include a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera with 4K video recording capabilities. The front-facing camera will be equipped with a 5MP camera. For those who do a lot of face time with family and friends or who will record front-facing video, the recording quality will be 1080 HD.

Users can have their moments seen in a crisp and clear manner. And with the video quality improved, users with home movies or who simply just want to catch memorable times on film will love the fact that each recording will have a professional gleam to them. With the boom of YouTube, those who seek to inspire others with videos will be able to take full advantage crisp shots, wide-angle shots, and recorded audio improvements will be great for them.

Get ready for the integration of the iOS 9.

Apple introduced their new operating system to the world on June 8. The iPhone 6s will become the first device to house the iOS 9.

Mac Rumors point out that the iOS 9 will be a game-changer for Apple products. With the iPhone 6s, users will begin to see the iOS 9 promises.

Faster loading speeds, improved handling of tasks, bigger RAM are just some of the perks iPhone 6s users will get from the iOS 9 processing chip. Its integration will make the iPhone 6s the most powerful iPhone to date.

There are several other features included in the iPhone 6s. Forbes broke down many of the iPhone 6s upgrades in an article they ran recently. Among their iPhone 6s highlights is the Force Touch. The Force Touch integration is the first time the Apple has tinkered with how users access screen options. Force Touch will allow iPhone 6s users to firmly press on the screen to pull up a host of commands (courtesy of Forbes) and controls. Each group of controls will pop up depending on how a user presses their screen. It will be interesting to see how well Force Touch will work.

Thankfully, potential iPhone 6s owners do not have to wait long to find out. The iPhone 6s launches on Wednesday and it should be hitting the stores soon after. The wait for the iPhone 6s is almost over.

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images News]