Prince William Comes To Rescue Distressed Prisoner, Lands Air Ambulance Inside Prison Grounds

Prince William was on the scene this week when medics entered HMP Highpoint grounds in Suffolk to assist in aiding a prisoner who was suffering from a seizure.

William, who is a pilot for East Anglican Air Ambulance Service, was spotted outside his helicopter after having landed on the prison grounds for the purpose of helping the prisoner in distress. As the Daily Mail relays, while medics came to the aid of the prisoner, Prince William was guarded by four members of prison staff as well as by his own protection team.

An onlooker shared with The Sun as to the happenings when witnessing William land the helicopter for the prisoner.

"The helicopter landed a few yards outside the main gate and four prison staff immediately surrounded it to offer Prince William greater protection. Lots of people came out of their houses to see what was going on but the staff kept them well away from him."
An additional woman who witnessed the happenings this past Wednesday shared about the surprising experience with the news publication.
"I couldn't believe it. I know he has to be prepared to fly anywhere, but landing on prison grounds? That has to take some guts. Who knows what could happen if the prisoners found out he was there?"
Staff at the prison verified the scenario which resulted in Prince William's visit to the grounds, as the Daily Mail communicates.
"Officials at the prison - which once housed Moors murderer Myra Hindley - confirmed that a man in his 20's had a seizure and was taken to hospital."
William has just begun in his service for the Air Ambulance over this past year. Although Kensington Palace declined comment on the recent events, it has been reported that William earns £40,000 per year for his services. However, the Prince is taxed roughly £6,000 of that and then donates approximately £30,000 to charity.

In addition to the charitable service William undertakes while involved in his new job, the security risks are quite high. It was recently reported that due to certain technologies, the Prince's whereabouts while flying are actually simple to track by other vessels. The Mail expresses that in July, the publication discovered that "terrorists could use a mobile phone app to track the movement of the Prince."

It's certainly a commendable post for William to take on, but it also seems a touch risky given his status. It must also be somewhat unsettling for his wife Kate Middleton and family. It appears as though Prince William is well guarded, however.

[Photo by Stefan Rousseau WPA - Pool/Getty Images]