WWE News: Big Update On John Cena Suffering An Injury At WWE Live Event

Normally at WWE live events, the WWE superstars are usually able to have more time in the ring. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for accidents to take place in the squared circle. At tonight’s WWE live event, a top-star reportedly took a bad bump and was checked out during the match.

According to Daily Wrestling News, John Cena looked like he sustained an injury in his match with Kevin Owens.

“Apparently the injury happened when Cena was doing an Infrared sunset flip and landed on his head, according to F4Wonline.com.

“We noted that Cena wrestled another 5 or 6 minutes, even going through a table, and was checked on by a handful of WWE officials and trainers. He walked straight to the back after the match but did stop to point back at the crowd.”

For those that want to see the move, it can be seen at this location on Facebook. Cena’s neck came down after this complex move with Owens. From the start, it appears that the move was messed up from the start. Owens didn’t have a great handle on Cena when he jumped on his shoulders. Then both men had to rearrange themselves, which then caused Cena to go forth with the move and it ended badly.

As most of the WWE Universe already knows, Cena is arguably the toughest guy in the WWE. When Seth Rollins broke his nose over a month ago, he not only finished the match, but took dangerous bumps as well. That’s not to suggest that other WWE stars wouldn’t have done the same thing, but Cena has always been known as the man who will always finish a match.

In this specific instance, the 15-time WWE champion shouldn’t have completed the match. Luckily, the injury doesn’t look as serious as Tyson Kidd’s ailment. Something like that caused Kidd to be out of the WWE indefinitely. Cena was able to finish competing and made it into the back visibly unscathed.

If John Cena is able to compete at Night of Champions, Bleacher Report is claiming that he needs to lose cleanly to Seth Rollins. On WWE Raw, Rollins was informed that he’d be pulling double-duty at Night of Champions. He’s going to face Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight championship and John Cena for the United States title. Keeping it on Rollins would only boost his prestige within the company, but Cena winning it back makes Rollins’ win at SummerSlam minimal. All of this is moot if Cena isn’t able to compete.

[Image via bleacherreport.com]