Identity of Second John Travolta Masseur Revealed

John Travolta seems to be recovering from his bad press pretty handily. Not only have the first and second male masseurs who criticized Travolta of sexcapades and shenanigans during massage sessions dropped their high-priced lawsuits against him, on Saturday, the second of the John-Doe-Duo has been revealed to the public.

The second male masseur in the highly-publicized would-be sex scandal is one John Truesdale, age 40, of Atlanta, Georgia. He was tracked down by the New York Daily News, and said with great surprise, “I thought I was supposed to be anonymous.” He is a former high school football player, former U.S. Army medic, certified nail technician, licensed massage therapist, husband, and father. Despite posing for a photograph, he said, “I can’t talk about [the case],” which is being handled by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

“I can confirm that we do represent Mr. Truesdale, and that we have great confidence in him,” she said in a statement Saturday. “We are conferring with him regarding the next course of action in this matter. Neither our client nor our law firm have any other comment at this time.”

So the case is kind-of sort-of still on for Truesdale (and John Doe no.1, both now under Allred’s wing), despite Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer’s contrary denials. Singer maintains that the masseurs still chomping at the bit for Travolta’s money are simply “seeking their 15 minutes of fame.” He added, “Not one penny has been paid, nor do we have any intention to pay any money for these ridiculous and false claims.”

Doe Travolta have a chance against Gloria Allred?