Harry Styles, The Grammar Teacher: One Direction Singer Corrects Fan’s Spelling At Concert

What happens when Harry Styles gives you a lesson in grammar? You listen to him intently, and then scream your heart out. That is what happened at a recent One Direction concert in Philadelphia when a fan misspelled a word on the poster that she was holding up. Taelor Ford told all of the juicy details to BBC News, and she explained how it all went down with the Brit.

Taelor mentioned that she wasn’t very good with English, so Styles, being the grammar king that he is, decided to help her out. Once he spotted her message to him that said, “Hi Harry, your so nice,” he was more than happy to correct it for her.

The 20-year-old singer had security get the poster for him, and once he had a pen in his hand, he prompted to correct the bad grammar. Taelor was more than happy to have Harry Styles touch her poster and teach her the fine points of the English language. She explained the correction he made, and he even added his own special touch to it as well.

“He fixed the spelling, he changed the “your” to “you’re” and then he signed it, ‘thank you, love Harry.’ I actually wasn’t embarrassed at all, I was kind of happy that I misspelt it.”

The extremely excited fan now has that coveted poster up on her wall as a reminder of the time when Harry Styles corrected her grammar in front of the world.

One Direction has been entertaining fans on their tour these past few weeks, and it is a good thing that fans are flocking to their concerts. The band has decided to take a break for a bit, but they have insisted that they are not splitting up. Harry has also been rumored to be going solo, as well as the other guys in the group. E! News had reported that they are indeed taking a hiatus and looking into doing some solo projects.

Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall have a brand new album expected to be released sometime this fall, and the boys are committed to their new music. “Drag Me Down,” their first single from that album, was released in July, and fans were thrilled with it. More music is coming, One Directioners!

In the meantime, fans may just end up misspelling the words on their concert posters just to get the attention of Harry Styles. It is a fun way to give a grammar lesson and to also make a fan’s heart explode with excitement.

[Photo courtesy of Mat Hayward/Getty Images]