WWE Rumors: Hall Of Famer Thought ‘SummerSlam’ Match Was ‘Embarrassing’

Once a wrestler is out of the ring, they have a right to say whatever they want about the product. Depending on how successful their career was will determine if they are bitter or just speaking their mind. Well, when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin says that Stephen Amell getting in the ring at SummerSlam was embarrassing, people are going to listen.

Stephen Amell of Arrow was said to have impressed a lot of people with his time in the ring at the second biggest pay-per-view of the year. Many thought that he was paired with Neville against Stardust and King Barrett to hide how inexperienced he was in the ring.

Oddly enough, he did well and seemed to know what he was doing out there, and it appears he may return in the future for another match.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is not someone who believes that the match was good, and as reported by WrestleZone, he actually found it embarrassing.

“I just don’t like the celebrities coming in there, the squared circle, and being able to compete at any level with the guys in the business. You’ve got to protect some integrity of the business. I don’t care what day and age, what year it is.

“So was it embarrassing? You’re damn right it was, but for the wrong reasons…and the reasons…bad booking.”

Wrestling Inc. reported that Austin pointed out that if the roles were reversed and Stardust (Cody Rhodes) was to appear in a film or on Amell’s TV show, he would only get a cameo. He thinks that Stardust would only have maybe one or two lines if he showed up on Arrow.

Austin said that he wasn’t comfortable with Amell going to the top rope and then diving onto Stardust and Barrett out on the floor.

“It was what it was, but I just got a hard time seeing that kid come off with that crossbody [block] on the top rope on two WWE guys down there [on the floor].”

What it all boils down to is that Stone Cold felt bad for Barrett and Stardust having to be “in that role” of selling to an actor. Austin was not happy with Michael Cole saying after the match that it was embarrassing for King Barrett and Stardust to lose to the team of Stephen Amell and Neville.

Anytime that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin speaks, people are going to listen because he truly is a legend and WWE Hall of Famer. The SummerSlam match was embarrassing to Austin, and he knows he can’t do anything about it, but he at least wanted to let his opinion be known.

[Image via WWE]