‘Real Housewives’ Sonja Morgan Embarrassed When Thoughts On Kristen Taekman’s Marriage Were Published

With friends like this, Kristen Taekman doesn’t need enemies. One wouldn’t have thought that Real Housewives talking to the press about one another could have gone any lower than Ramona Singer telling the media that she heard Bethenny Frankel cheated on her husband, but in the midst of the Ashley Madison scandal, Sonja Morgan has kicked Kristen Taekman when she is down. Perhaps she is still harboring a grudge for the toaster oven quote?

As reported in the Inquisitr, Sonja Morgan was on the war path, attacking Kristen Taekman for slamming her in the press, when Taekman had been genuinely happy for Morgan’s fashion show success. Taekman is still the youngest housewife, and has taken the most abuse this series, when often it is unwarranted.


But now People Magazine is reporting that Sonja Morgan is sorry that she spoke out that she saw Taekman’s husband Josh’s involvement in the Ashley Madison cheating scandal.

“‘Egg on my face,’ the Real Housewives of New York City star admitted to NBC New York after a Page Six item quoted her as saying she ‘could see [the scandal] coming.'”

She tried to say that she was at a photo shoot, and people were around, but she never meant anything to go public.

“I was just saying what everyone was saying, that they weren’t surprised. But I would never get in her business like that, normally. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”


Though according to Reality Tea, she still has not actually apologized directly to Kristen Taekman, Morgan has continued to talk to the media about what she shouldn’t have said about Kristen Taekman’s marriage. It seems she is sorry that it was printed, though she thought it was okay to say.

“You know, I probably should do that, I should text her. I know she knows I’m here if she wants to talk, but I don’t tend to stick my nose in other people’s business…. Though they do that to me! I mean this season I had to tell these girls, shut the hell up. I was really upset.”

Perhaps Morgan needs to work on her apology skills.


Do you think Real Housewives of New York Sonja Morgan owes Kristen Taekman an apology?

[Photo courtesy of David Kotinsky/Getty Images]