J.K. Rowling Not Ready To Give Up Harry Potter Yet

The last installment in the Harry Potter book series may have been released more than eight years ago, but the story is far from over. Just this week, J.K. Rowling announced on social media that Harry’s son, James Sirius, would have started school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this week. To fans’ great satisfaction, Rowling later announced that Harry’s son had undergone the traditional Sorting Hat ceremony and had been placed into Gyffindor house, following in his father’s footsteps.


This fun Twitter interaction Rowling has going with the rest of the world is more than just playful banter, though. It is her way of continuing the story of Harry and the rest of the characters in the series. The world of Harry Potter has become so widely adored and connected with our own world, that it seems it will never go away. And with J. K. Rowling offering up such delightful continuations as these, who would want it to?

This isn’t the first time the author has given us a glimpse of the characters’ lives post-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Just shortly after the release of the last film adaptation, Pottermore was announced. Pottermore is an interactive, virtual replica of the world Harry and his friends live in throughout the books and movies. Starting in 2011, users were able to sign up for accounts and relive the story, uncovering previously unpublished details crafted by Rowling herself along the way. The site also holds a yearly House Cup, the last of which will be held this September.

It was also released earlier this summer that a stage production based on the characters from the novels will open in London next year. This event will also provide more exciting insight into the lives of Harry and his friends, yet again offering a new story and details that fans have previously had no access to.

Now that Harry and his wife, Ginny Potter (formerly, Weasley) are all grown up and raising their own child, there’s no telling where the story will go. But one thing is for sure: With the constant flow of new and exciting information coming from the Harry Potter world, it is clear that J.K. Rowling is nowhere near ready to leave behind her beloved Hogwarts and its characters. Which is perfectly fine for most fans, since none of Potter’s faithful fans are ready to leave him behind, either.