‘X-Factor’ Facing ‘Fix’ Accusations After Just Two Episodes

Simon Cowell’s X-Factor has been back on screen in the UK for just two episodes, and already it is facing accusations of foul play. X-Factor has long been accused of inserting favored acts that are given preferential treatment and additional support to ensure that they reach the “live final” stage of the show. X-Factor mogul Simon Cowell promised audiences that there would be changes to the format this year, but it seems unlikely that he foresaw that X-Factor would be embroiled in a “fix” scandal so early in the new season.

Metro reports that an eagle-eyed X-Factor viewer identified a major blooper during an audition by boy-band The First Kings. The bands X-Factor audition saw a heavily-produced performance complete with a video introduction and a troupe of sexy dancers, luxuries not afforded to many X-Factor hopefuls. These advantages were just the beginning of the controversy however as an X-Factor viewer noticed a major continuity error.

During their X-Factor audition, a member of First Kings is seen throwing his white sweater in the air and it clearly lands on the stage. Seconds later the sweater is magically tied around his waist showing that without question the audition had not been shot in a single take.

Unreality TV point out that the video introduction played on a huge screen behind First Kings is something that has never been done on X-Factor before. They also claim that the level of production and use of dancers is something you would expect to see on X-Factor live shows rather than auditions.

OK! reports that many X-Factor viewers took to social media to claim that the issues highlighted above prove that X-Factor is fixed. One twitter user claimed that First Kings’ X-Factor audition was a “set-up,” another added “the guy who chucks his shirt off his waist then magically appears back on his waist proves X-Factor is a fix.”


As you would expect, X-Factor are denying any suggestion of impropriety around First Kings audition. A spokesperson for X-Factor said that acts are sometimes asked to perform their audition song again.

“In the case of First Kings, they were asked to perform a second time as we did not capture some of their dance moves on camera given the nature of their routine.”

“The band were not given a second opportunity to audition for the judges – they got through on the basis on their first performance.”

Many will be unconvinced by X-Factors’ explanation. First Kings are being hailed as the new One Direction, and many will believe that Simon Cowell is using X-Factor to recruit a new boy-band as a replacement for One Direction, who have recently announced that they will split, at least temporarily, in March of 2016.

[image via YouTube]