WWE News: WWE Attempting To Sign Current ROH TV And World Champion Jay Lethal

WWE has developed a tradition of bringing in top Indy wrestlers from around the world. Many have started through WWE NXT, and helped to move this brand up so much that it could be the hottest product in their entire company and in all of pro-wrestling. Many Indy stars have flocked to this, and others are on the way. One name that WWE is really high on and wants in NXT soon is current Ring of Honor TV and World Champion Jay Lethal.

The former TNA wrestler has been killing it on ROH since he arrived, and most feel that he would be huge with WWE if he ever decided to come in. Despite working for years with TNA and now ROH, Lethal is only 30-years-old and very easily has another ten years left in him. WWE knows that his star is bright at this point, and would like to sign him to a WWE deal.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE has expressed interest and has been scouting several ROH talents for a while. Lethal stands out above all of them due to his age and how big he is right now in pro-wrestling, without being in any of the top televised promotions. It is thought that if WWE could sign Lethal, it would be a huge win for the NXT brand, and that Lethal would be treated like a top star for the NXT brand upon arrival.

The issue is that Lethal is not like many others on the Indy scene who always wanted to work for WWE and would jump at the chance to go. It is said that Jay Lethal is quite happy with his role in ROH right now.

Lethal champ

Jay Lethal is making very good money with ROH. He very well could be the highest paid man in the company. The thought is that he would make more with ROH that what WWE would offer him for an NXT role.

Jay Lethal is also worried about how WWE would book him. This may not be an issue for him, however, as WWE sees Lethal as a high-value talent and would be happy to bring him in and put him in a top position like they have other top Indy stars like Finn Balor.

As far as money is concerned, both Finn Balor and Kevin Owens were also worried for similar reasons. This is why WWE ended up offering them a slightly better deal than others, and it was said that WWE would bring them on the main roster quicker than most to give them the chance to make more. They did with this Owens already, and Balor is said to not be far behind.

Jay Lethal is the most sought-after talent for WWE right now, and they want him pretty bad. So, if they are willing to open their pockets and pay him, as well as promise him a good role to begin with at WWE NXT, he very well could jump. It is unknown if he can get out of his deal with ROH or when it completely expires. So, this will be another obstacle for WWE.

[IMG Credit: Rolling Stone, brassringreview.wordpress.com]