Marshawn Lynch Sure Loves His Skittles: Watch His Bizarre Infomercial

If there’s one thing to know about the upcoming NFL football season, it’s that Marshawn Lynch sure loves his Skittles, as evidenced by his bizarre infomercial on the shopping channel. Those who happened to be watching cable TV’s Evine Live on Tuesday morning, just a little after 11 a.m. Eastern time, saw Lynch in front of the camera in a random attempt to sell the world Skittles.

His five-minute segment began with host Allison Waggoner introducing both him and his beloved candy. Watch the video here.

For those that haven’t been following the player commonly known as “Beast Mode,” Lynch is known to eat Skittles before his games. He has often been filmed downing a package of Skittles on the sidelines as well. His most famous account of Skittle eating occurred when he claimed that he ate Skittles before the SuperBowl, which was his secret to scoring that amazing touchdown in the second quarter of the 2015 Super Bowl. It’s no wonder that Marshawn Lynch loves his Skittles.

Now, it looks like Marshawn has been scooped up by Mars, Inc. to help market one of their best-selling candies, as evidenced by this particularly bizarre infomercial. Amidst the ridiculous commentary between Waggoner and Lynch, including a bit when Allison hands Marshawn a box of Skittles, and he says, “Slide it right in that bread basket, and I’m going to tuck that thing secure and make sure it’s all right. You see it sits right here on my stomach, because that’s where most of them go.”

The infomercial is also produced to feature several silly images of the candy all lined out on the table. It also features a model showing off a package of Skittles while wearing a necklace made of the rainbow-colored candy. They even measure each package of Skittles and discover that it takes 12 packages of Skittles to make one Marshawn Lynch. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more bizarre, Allison takes a ring made of Skittles and offers a mock proposal to the Seahawks star.

As strange as the infomercial was, it seemed to be legitimate. At no point did Allison Wagner wink at the camera and say, “Just kidding,” and after the Skittles segment was done, it moved right on to the next infomercial. Evine Live really took calls for orders of Skittles during the bit.

It’s a major shame that Lynch has no interest in talking to the media because, as this bit reveals, he has a lot of personality, and he loves to joke. It’s evidenced throughout the commercial, and by the end, there’s no doubt that Marshawn Lynch loves his Skittles.

[Image By Ronald Martinez / Getty Images]