Jessa Duggar Is Done Defending Josh Duggar, Lets Him Know How ‘Passion’ Prevents Adultery

Jessa Duggar has a little advice for Josh Duggar. According to the former 19 Kids and Counting star, her older brother needs a little more passion for Christ in his life after cheating on his wife.

Jessa Duggar recently used her Facebook page to take a dig at Josh, but she didn’t use her own words to do so. According to PEOPLE, she shared a link to a video on the Desiring God website, and it features Pastor John Piper preaching about adultery. Jessa’s posting of the video certainly isn’t coincidental — she shared it just days after Josh Duggar checked into rehab. Josh decided to seek help after it was discovered that he was trying to use the Ashley Madison website to cheat on his wife.

Josh admitted to being addicted to pornography and having an affair, but he only did this after he got caught. Judging from the excerpt from John Piper’s sermon that Jessa posted on Facebook, she believes that her brother cheated on Anna Duggar because he isn’t Christian enough — Josh has read his Bible, but the book’s words aren’t having an effect on his mind or his heart.

“When the Bible calls us to live like Christ, it doesn’t merely give us a set of commands,” Jessa’s Facebook post reads. “It presents us with something compelling and captivating that changes our minds, and then our hearts. The gospel convinces us of something irresistibly true, and then transforms our desires for something new. That conviction and passion keeps us out of bed with someone who’s not our spouse and rejects a thousand other temptations.”

Jessa Duggar provided further evidence that she’s totally turned against Josh in the form of a link to a blog post by her father-in-law, Michael Seewald. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Seewald had some pretty scathing words for Josh Duggar. He called Jessa’s brother a “pretender” and a “fraud,” and he criticized Josh for living “a covert and extensive lifestyle of evil.”

“Sadly, he had deceived us all,” Seewald wrote. “The name of God has been blasphemed and God is jealous for his name.”

By sharing words like this with her fans, Jessa Duggar is letting them know that she’s finished standing up for her brother, and she has a very good reason for turning her back on him. She made the difficult decision to appear on TV to defend him after he sexually molested her, and she tried to claim that he did what he did simply because he was a curious kid. However, he continued to take actions that hurt other people after earning the forgiveness of his victims and the rest of his family.

Josh Duggar’s scandals could also be hurting Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s chances of scoring their own reality show. According to PEOPLE, Ben talked about the possibility of returning to TV during a Q&A session at the Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“We live a peaceful, quiet life, but I wouldn’t rule it out if people were interested in our family.”

Jessa and Ben chose not to do any Josh-bashing at the Southern Women’s show and would only say that they’ve been relying on their religion to help them deal with the downfall of the Duggar empire.

“You just have to keep your focus and trust God,” Jessa Duggar said.

Do you think Jessa Duggar has completely turned her back on Josh, or is she just trying to give her brother a little tough love?

[Image credit: Jessa Duggar/Instagram]