Queen Elizabeth Has ‘Done And Said Nothing That Anybody Will Remember’

David Starkey, a leading British historian, insists that Queen Elizabeth has “done and said nothing that anybody with remember,” comments he’s made just over a week before she becomes the longest serving Monarch in British history.

On September 9, Queen Elizabeth II will overtake the length of time that Queen Victoria reigned on the British throne. Elizabeth’s great-great grandmother was Queen for 63 years and 216 days. However, even though the period when Victoria reigned is now dubbed as the Victorian era, Starkey is adamant that the same honor won’t be bestowed upon the Queen.

Writing in the Radio Times, via The Independent, Dr. Starkey added, “She will not give her name to her age. Or, I suspect, to anything else.”

However, despite this apparent criticism, Starkey added that the Queen’s decision not to reveal her political stance in public has made sure that the monarchy will be maintained in the United Kingdom for another generation.

Starkey continued, “To the monarch’s three existing political rights (to be consulted, to encourage and to warn) she has added a fourth: the duty to be silent and make no public comment. And not just on matters of direct political controversy, but on anything controversial at all.”

Starkey remarked that the Queen’s stance means that the threat of republicanism in the United Kingdom, which is an anti-royal agenda to try and replace the British monarchy with a non-hereditary head of state, has all but been extinguished for the time being.

“The [Queen’s] effect has been to deprive republicanism of the necessary oxygen of controversy and largely to asphyxiate it,” Starkey continued. “Republicanism is less common than it was under Victoria (who broadcast her opinions to all and sundry) and far less powerful as a political force.”

Because of The Queen’s silence, she will not be remembered in the same way as Queen Victoria, who “remains universally, instantly recognisable.” But The Queen’s stoic demeanor is for a very legitimate reason. That’s because she “sees being the monarch not as something grand, like being the embodiment of history. Nor, heaven forbid, as something glamorous, like being a film star. No. It is a job. It is as ordinary and humdrum as that.”

Starkey then added that Prince Charles will now have a decision whether to follow his mother’s silence or to speak out a little more. But if he does the latter, he is risking everything that his mother has worked so hard to persevere.

According to the Daily Mail, Starkey has since been criticised by royalists for his comments, with supporters insisting that he has only made these remarks to gain publicity.

This is despite the fact that in his piece, the 70-year-old historian even writes, “I say this not as criticism but simply as a statement of fact. Even as sort of compliment. And, I suspect, the Queen would take it as such. For she came to the throne with one thought only: to keep the royal show on the road.”

(Photo by Eddie Mulholland/WPA Pool/Getty Images)