Why Kate Middleton Skipped Wedding And Sent Sister Pippa Instead

Kate Middleton recently skipped the wedding of a couple of Prince William’s good friends and there were all sorts of rumors as to the reasons why.

Thanks to People magazine, we now know why Kate Middleton skipped this wedding, even though the bride and groom are good friends of her husband. When Prince William’s friends Bear Maclean and Daisy Dickson got married, the Duchess’s sister, Pippa, attended the ceremony instead of Kate Middleton and the Internet was full of rumors.

Some news outlets were stating that the mother of two was expected to attend, which apparently is false. According to the magazine’s sources, Kate Middleton — like any well educated person — sent her regrets on time and was not anticipated to attend by the bride and groom.

It should come as no surprise that Kate Middleton skipped the wedding. She has only attended the 2013 wedding of Prince William’s polo partner Mark Tomlinson in recent years. Maybe you remember Kate was also MIA when William came to the U.S. in May for his BFF, Guy Pelly’s big day and rumors that the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge were having marital issues were floating around incessantly. Prince Harry accompanied his brother on that occasion.

An unidentified friend says Kate Middleton chooses to skip some events because she was “looking after herself. She just needs to make sure she’s okay.”

Having a 4-month-old baby, who most likely still doesn’t sleep all night and is nursing is a good enough reason to skip big events that are purely social. Kate Middleton has been keeping a low profile ever since giving birth to Princess Charlotte and also has 2-year-old Prince George to look after.

Kate Middleton clearly knows what her priorities are and is putting her children first, while her husband does the honor and attends friends’ weddings. Additionally, veteran royals photographer Mark Stewart has another theory.

“They do become the center of attention. Suddenly you can have 200 members of the public in a churchyard and that changes the dynamics.”

“They didn’t like the idea of upstaging the bride and groom – they wanted it to be about the couple getting married and not themselves and she will be aware that William is the royal and therefore they do get a member of the royal family there.”

It would make perfect sense for the very down-to-Earth Kate Middleton to skip weddings and let the bride and groom get married in peace. While William attends and mingles with the crowds, his wife stays home and takes care of the little ones and when it’s really worth the trip, Kate’s mom, Carole, is available to watch the children.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]