Lindsay Lohan Stages Wild Weekend: Drugged, Naked, & Paranoid Allegations Topped By Sexy Dance & Instagram Pics

Lindsay Lohan managed to steal the limelight at a millionaire friend’s lavish wedding. But although Lindsay’s rampage ranged from apparent paranoia to screaming that she had been drugged as an alibi, Lohan may have topped off her antics by taking off her clothes, reported Us Weekly.

The wealthy pal, who may have rued inviting Lindsay to the wedding, is Justin Etzin, who tied the knot in Italy with Lana Zakocela. But although as the bride, Lana was supposed to be the center of attention on the model’s special day, it was Lindsay’s wild actions that garnered most of the attention during the entire weekend, revealed several different insiders.

Lindsay Lohan shares photos of her hot times.

Others who were famous but also overshadowed by Lohan were Ted Harbert, NBC Broadcasting Chairman, and Sara Sampaio, one of Victoria’s Secret gorgeous supermodels.

Lindsay began her girls-go-wild weekend on Friday. Lohan waltzed up to her room, altered her outfit, returned to the party scene, got attention, and then headed back to her room. That merry-go-round of masquerades occurred on four times in a single night.

“She would go up to her room, change, and come back down, make a scene, repeat,” noted an observer.

The same insider noted that the 29-year-old actress seemed to be suffering from some paranoia that her photo was being taken while she took on the role of DJ with her iPhone.

“Lindsay was pretending to DJ using her iPhone. She kept replaying the same songs over and over and [then] accused people of taking photos of her, which wasn’t possible because they took our phones.”

Lohan waited until the wedding day to achieve her high point (or low point). First, she used her phone and painted her nails during the exchanging of the vows. After removing her shoes during the following cocktail hour, Lindsay responded to a humorous comment from the announcer during the reception with the ultimate display, according to the eyewitness.

“She took off all her clothes and got completely naked and was running around her villa screaming that she’d been drugged,” said the source.

However, another source said that when an EMT checked Lohan over to investigate any health concerns, she was all right.

“She could walk and talk,” noted that source. “She wasn’t slurring or anything. She was upset about the joke being made about her. She just wanted the attention.”

Lindsay Lohan poses sweetly.

And in terms of attention, some claimed that Lindsay even donned white to shadow the bride. However, a source said that Lindsay, also known as Lilo, wore light pink that may have seemed to be bridal white in some pics.

Lilo had exited the reception prematurely and gone back to her villa prior to staging her naked scene, according to what a source told Page Six.

“[Lindsay had] gone back to her villa and was running around naked saying she was drugged…It was one thing after the next [with Lohan],” confirmed the insider.

The source also reported that Lindsay put on a British accent when asking who took her photo. Lohan also alleged that someone stole her jewelry during the wedding weekend.

“None of those things are true,” insisted Etzin’s representative of all the allegations.

Lohan’s attention-getting antics didn’t end on the wedding day, reported the Daily Mail.

Although she may lack for acting roles, Lindsay shared a video displaying some sexy moves on a yacht on Saturday. Clad only in pink undies and a lace top, Lohan did the splits, crawled, bared more than just cleavage, and did some other moves during her unusual dance.

“Thank you at my new favours photographer @francescoautelitano (Manu – maybe next time thank you),” wrote Lindsay in the caption.

Lohan subsequently deleted that clip from her social media, but it could be seen on YouTube.

Lindsay Lohan shows off flexibility with yoga and gym equipment.

Referencing the wedding, Lindsay also shared a pose displaying her flexibility.

“lindsaylohan@#honeymoon…. where are you now?????????????” she posted.

Another photo showed her using what appears to be fitness equipment on the yacht.

“Lay out and work out,” wrote Lindsay.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images; Photo by Monika Fellner/Getty Images; Images Via Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]