Newborn Baby Girl Stolen From Hospital, Baby And Abductor Still At Large

It’s a new mother’s worst nightmare. Just one day after giving birth, a newborn baby girl was abducted from the hospital, boldly taken directly from her mother’s room. The baby girl was born this past Friday, abducted on Saturday, and as of yet remains missing.

The fear of having a baby stolen from the hospital nursery is not quite as widespread as it once was, largely due to the security measures put into place to prevent this kind of heartless crime. The use of identification bracelets and video surveillance are but two types of such measures to ensure the safety of newborn baby girls and boys.

Unfortunately, though security rules and devices are highly effective at discouraging the kidnapping of a newborn baby, they are not completely 100 percent effective.

In the Vandodara District of India, a newborn baby girl was abducted yesterday from the Jharod referral hospital, reports the Times of India. The 1-day-old baby girl was in her mother’s hospital room with both her mother and father present.

Anil Vasava and his wife, Saraswati, were not alarmed when a woman came into the room and requested to take the baby girl out to be weighed, reports One India. However, when their baby girl was not returned within half an hour, the parents became concerned, requesting that staff return their new daughter.

It was a truly horrifying moment when Anil and Saraswati Vasava learned that their baby girl was not taken by hospital staff, either to be weighed or for any other reason. The workings of the entire hospital paused as a search began for the missing baby girl.

The father of the baby told police the suspected abductor was a woman around the age of 30. Although she presented herself as a staff member of the hospital, no one seems to know who she was or how she was able to smuggle the baby girl out of the hospital.

Baby Girl Vasava’s father reported the kidnapping to the Waghodia police immediately. S.J. Waghela, of the Waghodia police, said they are currently investigating the abduction.

“This is the first time that a day-old infant has been kidnapped in the district. We have begun investigations. Based on the account of parents we have even made a sketch of the accused woman.”

Armed with these pertinent details, the police investigation is under way. No new information has yet been reported regarding the whereabouts of the newborn baby girl.

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