Celebrity Rapper (And Hasidic Jew) Shyne Tours Holocaust Site In Ukraine

Moshe Levi Ben-David (born Jamal Michael Barrow), better known as Shyne, the rapper who became a hasidic Jew following a ten year stint in prison for his role in a high-profile NYC club shooting incident involving P. Diddy and Jennifer Lopez in New York City, was recently spotted in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, sporting his long black hasidic coat, hat and side-locks attending an interfaith conference sponsored by a Orthodox Jewish member of the Parliament of the former Soviet Republic.

Shyne, who spoke on a panel regarding the role of religion in pop culture in largely secular societies, showed off one of his new music videos and discussed the effect of his ultra-orthodox Judaism on his rap music.

He was photographed while standing at the site of the Babi Yar massacre, in which 120,000 Jews, Soviet POWS, Gypsies and Ukrainian nationalists were shot and dumped into a series of ravines by the Nazis, during a tour with several Israeli journalists.

Shyne looked sadly at the site and commented that his people had gone through too much suffering and that he felt deeply for his “brothers” who died during the Holocaust.

See the pictures below…

See Shyne performing in Israel here: