‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Results Are In For ‘BB17’ House

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Sunday (August 29) provide the Week 10 veto results. These Big Brother 17 spoilers will also shake things up in the BB17 house, as it was one of the nominees that won the challenge. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vanessa Rousso won the Head of Household competition and John McGuire was the jury member that got to return. Vanessa then nominated James Huling and Meg Maley for eviction, making the Veto challenge very important to both.

A report from fan site Big Brother Network now reveals that James has won the Veto. Vanessa had decided he was the main target for the week, so he needed this win to remain in the BB17 house. She had the odds on her side as well, with Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan all chosen to compete. Her allies let her down again, though, with James securing safety for the week. Now comes the really hard part for Vanessa, as she will have to come up with a replacement nominee very soon.

These Big Brother 17 spoilers are going to make the game really interesting, because Meg Maley isn’t really a target of anyone. It means that Vanessa Rousso is going to have to nominate someone who will very likely walk out the door next. She could turn on John McGuire (again), who formed a new alliance with her after his return to the house. She could also turn on Steve Moses (again), and ensure that he is the next person heading to the jury.

What many fans of the show would like to see is for Vanessa to nominate someone from the “Austwins” alliance. It would be a shocking move, but it could be one of her few chances to get one of the out this easily. She is going to be the odd one out in that alliance in the end, so if she doesn’t take her opportunity now, Vanessa could come to regret it somewhere down the road. It’s a tough predicament, because James and Meg may be ready to turn on her.

CBS viewers still won’t find out about any of this until next Wednesday (September 2), because the Sunday episode is only going to cover who won the HOH and who Vanessa nominated. There is a chance that some intriguing Big Brother 17 spoilers could come out on Monday (August 31) after the next Veto ceremony takes place. Will Vanessa Rousso make a big game move?

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]