Apple Hints At iOS 6, iCloud To Gain Photo And Video Sharing Features

A beta version of iCloud for developers has tech enthusiasts looking to iOS 6, the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

“Apple is preparing to add Notes and Reminders to, as evidenced by Apple’s iCloud beta test portal for registered developers. The changes popped up on Friday morning and developers noticed immediately, taking note of the two new icons that are not currently present on iCloud’s Web interface,” Ars Technica reported.

A Javascript file on the site reads “To use, first sign in to iCloud with the iOS 6 Beta.” This is Apple’s first “public” mention of iOS 6, which powers all of the technology firm’s touchscreen based mobile devices except the iPod Nano, which shares the look but not the internals of iOS.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 6 at its Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

The Beta version of iCloud includes new icons for both Reminders and Notes, which are due to be incorporated into the next version of OSX on the MacBook through iCloud.

In addition, Apple is planning on turning iOS’s Photo Stream feature into a picture and video sharing service, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

“The new features, which could be announced at Apple’s world-wide developer conference beginning June 11, will allow iCloud users to share sets of photos with other iCloud users and to comment on them, these people said. Currently, users can store only one set of photos in iCloud through a feature called Photo Stream,” the WSJ reported.

The WSJ claims that the new features will be part of the aforementioned rollout of iOS 6.