Apple brings more of the iPad to the Mac with OSX Mountain Lion [video]

Apple Inc. has announced its intention to bring even more aspects of its best selling iPad tablet computer (soon coming in an 8? size?) to the desktop with the sequel to its OSX Lion operating system to be called Mountain Lion.

Due to come out this summer and debuted in a video on Apple’s website, the version of OSX will contain many features culled from Apple’s iOS mobile operating system which comes on all iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.

While Microsoft’s new Windows 8 is borrowing too heavily from their mobiles WP7 phone operating system, it seems that Apple is cherry-picking the features it believes will enhance the desktop experience.

Despite some criticism by tech bloggers regarding some features in OSX Lion, such as the lack of visible scroll bars, the OS has largely avoided the anger being directed against Microsoft’s new desktop software.

Among the features being borrowed from the iPhone and iPad are tighter Twitter integration, Notification Center, a desktop version of iOS’s Reminders app which will synch with your phone and tablet via iCloud, a messages app which will allow for free texting between all Apple mobile devices, Macbooks and iMacs and a share button that allows you to send files and “Tweet just about anything.”

A Beta preview of the new Messages app can be found on Apple’s website.

It seems that with the tighter integration with it’s cloud service iCloud Cupertino’s new OS will ensnare Apple fanboy’s even more firmly in the grip of the late Steve Jobs’ technological ecosystem.

If only the iPhone 4s’ Siri was coming to the desktop.

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